Touring in the Waasland

Touring in the Waasland

The best and most fun ways to get around


The train is the fastest way to get from one city to another. The major routes are Ghent-Antwerp (which includes Lokeren, Sint-Niklaas and Beveren), Lokeren-Dendermonde and Sint-Niklaas-Willebroek. Tickets and timetables are available at


You can take a bus to your destinations from the train stations. Many places in the Waasland region also have direct bus connections to each other and with cities such as Ghent and Antwerp. Tickets and timetables are available at You can plan your route at

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The slowest, but also the loveliest way to explore your surroundings. You will find many enjoyable routes in your area, for experienced hikers and beginners alike. On Routen (in Dutch). Tourist offices are also happy to help you on your way.

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What could be more fun than exploring the area by bike? The Waasland has many picturesque cycling routes in store for you. You can find them on Routen (in Dutch) and at tourist offices.

(Electric) bikes for hire are available in larger train stations in Belgium under the Blue Bike brand. Bikes are also available to hire in many cities. An overview: 
● Bazel - Fietshandel Erik D'eer
● Kruibeke - W.I.M
● Lokeren - Fietspunt Lokeren
● Lokeren - Fietsverhuur Mobibikes
● Sint-Niklaas - Fietspunt De Versnelling
● Temse - De Bike Store
● Temse - Fietshandel Franky D’Eer
● Waasmunster - Camping Gerstekot vzw Durmeland
● Waasmunster - Rijwielen Dima
● Waasmunster - Fietshandel Van Mele
● Wachtebeke - Domein Puyenbroeck (within the area only)

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The easiest AND the most fun way to explore the Waasland region? That'll be DeWaterbus: a constant link between Antwerp and various places in the Waasland region. You'll arrive at Steenplein in central Antwerp in no time. Or you can do the opposite and explore charming Kruibeke, the Waasland polders, Fort Liefkenshoek, Kallo, and the Castle of Wissekerke in Bazel. All with the wind in your face, and the view of the water and the green landscape: it's a trip away in itself!

River trips

River trips on the Scheldt are a fascinating mix of nature and melancholy. On the banks, you will see fantastic green vistas and sturdy port buildings. You can choose between two options:
●With Rivertours, you can take tourist boat trips that depart from Dendermonde and Temse. The choice of a half day or full day is up to you. If you want, you can even book a guided boat trip.
Riverstar organises half-day and full-day tours with nautical guides. Take in the obsolete brickyards along the Rupel, the booming industry along the Scheldt, the green oases along the waterfront... You can come alone or in a group and join a diverse brigade of water explorers.

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Sailing or paddling your own boat

Fancy taking to the deep blue yourself? It’s possible!
Sloep-Rent in Temse has three spacious and luxurious sloops on offer, for 8 or 12 people. That's quite a company already. But if you prefer to keep it intimate, you can also take to the water as a pair. Even small children are welcome, as the boats are particularly stable and safe, with high sides. Something for everyone!
●Get that anchor tattoo you've always dreamed about and rent a luxury sloop, small sloop, lounge boat, water trail, Topcraft boat, kayak or paddleboard from Meersland in Lokeren.
●Tame the currents with the Kano Center in Wachtebeke! The Moervaart, the Zuidlede and the Durme lie at your feet. On the itinerary during your water trip: gliding past Daknam, paddling up to Lokeren, sailing towards Stekense Vaart... Simply choose your own route.
●Another chance to check out the Durme and Moervaart up close is the Kayak Company on the market in Lokeren.
●Fancy a picnic on the water, surrounded by calm and nature? The floating terraces of Vlotjes Genieten in Stekene will make your dream trip come true. Feel yourself unwinding in the company of family and friends.