Art Deco in Sint-Niklaas

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Are you a fan of unusual architecture? Then you need to be in Sint-Niklaas, its centre is a veritable feast of art deco. This decorative style was very popular all over the world between 1920 and 1930. Cities such as Miami, Napier and Riga are famous for it. Our own Sint-Niklaas is not out of place on this list!

Are you a fan? Then you will become a fan of Sint-Niklaas too

Regardless, this architectural style has many fans at home and abroad. You'll see them strolling the city streets from time to time here. Indeed, in the 1920s, the wealthy in Sint-Niklaas built magnificent houses in the trendiest style of the time: Art Deco.

Every detail had to say something. A straight line was a lost line. Experiencing Art Deco is like stepping into the minds of history's greatest creative builders. They gave birth to one work of art after another. Discover some great examples during an Art Deco walk in Sint-Niklaas.

Inkomhal in art decostijl in Sint-Niklaas (Waasland)
Art Deco in Sint-Niklaas
Een woongevel in art deco in Sint-Niklaas (Waasland)
Art Deco in Sint-Niklaas

Walking alongside Art Deco? Highly recommended!

One of the many reasons to see this city in a different way. You can do this just fine on your own, but city can help you a little as well.

Indeed, the city of Sint-Niklaas offers two unique walks. They will lead you past the finest examples of this art movement from the interwar period. You can wander around on your own or you can take a guided tour. Because they will know things which you don't. Not yet, at least!

De gevel in art decostijl van de Broederschool in Sint-Niklaas (Waasland)
The Broederschool in Sint-Niklaas
Het interieur in art decostijl in de Broederschool in Sint-Niklaas (Waasland)
The Broederschool in Sint-Niklaas

Look, what a beautiful building

The highlight of this walk is the imposing Broederschool. The main building on Nieuwstraat remains a (somewhat hidden) gem. The entrance hall is a masterpiece with lots of colours, creativity and a stained-glass window which immediately catches the eye. A textbook example of Art Deco!

Please note: unless your ambition is to start a secondary education in Latin or classical languages, the Broederschool can only be visited by appointment with a guide.

king george.jpg
The King George Cafe in Sint-Niklaas

Lunch at King George's

Getting hungry from all that architectural splendour? No problem, because after your walk, you can enjoy a tasty lunch at King George's. This event venue slash co-working space slash lunch & appetizer hotspot is a creative jungle, where the local fauna and flora come together to flush out all the stress with drinks and dishes.

This kingdom's interior received an international award in London as one of the most beautiful restaurant interiors in the world. You want to see it, right? It is and remains a bar, so admission is free, provided you order a delicious coffee, a special tea or a full lunch. In good weather, you can devour it all in a green urban oasis. Do you want to eat in Sint-Niklaas? You can do so outside in sunny weather! 

Put Sint-Niklaas quickly back in your pocket

You may know Sint-Niklaas like the back of your hand, but the city doesn't quite fit in your pocket like your hand does. What does fit is a little culture guide called "Art Deco in Sint-Niklaas". This guide is replete with beautiful photos and information on the fascinating art style periods in Sint-Niklaas. Grab hold of a copy at the tourist office.

As you can see, you don't have to book a plane ticket in order to discover some art and culture. In the cosmopolitan city of Sint-Niklaas, Art Deco is all the rage.