Criss-cross sailing through the Waasland region

Criss-cross sailing through the Waasland region

Discover 4 cheerful routes

Today you can go full Jack Sparrow in the Waasland. Out into the water, into the boat, onto the springboard! Don't worry, no one will keelhaul you if you go under for a while. But we do recommend that you get an earring and grow a beard. A day of sailing on the water on the currents of the Waasland cannot be crazy enough.

Tasty morsels for water and land rats

But how do you get into the water in style? Well, we've worked out a few tips for you. All you have to do is put on a life jacket and let your lush hair blow in the wind.

Here and there you get to go back on land, to get rid of those pesky sea legs. And even then you will discover the nicest places in the region. Because alongside the water of the Waasland the world is simply more beautiful. Hoist the sails, grab your paddle, fire up your motor or float to any of the following water tips!

Together in the boat

All those who want to sail to the cape should be in the Waasland in no time! Not that we promise you metres-high waves on the Scheldt, Durme, Moervaart or Stekense Vaart. No, quietly rippling streams of water are on offer. Perfect for spending an afternoon floating around with the whole family. How do you take to the water?

1. Canoeing is a possibility

Nothing like the eternal discussions while canoeing or kayaking. During your kayaking trip on the waters of Wase, you will inevitably come across classics such as "I'm paddling in the right direction, it's you who's resisting" or "Roger, be careful! In a moment it will tip over!" Wonderful!

Go up the stream with the whole family and get carried away, or paddle some more. In the meantime - while Roger is dragging the party along - you can enjoy the wonderful nature on the banks and the villages which are gliding by.

If you'd rather be lazy than tired, renting an electric boat is also a great idea! 

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2. Snug on the Waterbus

The Waterbus has become an attraction for budding seafarers. For the price of a large loaf of bread you can explore the mighty Scheldt, race past the impressive harbour, enjoy the vast polders on the bank and get off in a village or town of your choice. Once ashore, you can then study the local hospitality industry up close or take a stroll through an unnamed village centre.

Hop off the boat in Bazel, jump off in Kruibeke or visit the Wissekerke castle. There is plenty to experience, on and alongside the water. Feel free to bring your bicycle as well, as the number of hiking and biking trails in the area cannot be counted.

Learn more about the Waterbus  

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3. Reduced speed on the Scheldt round trip

Kids, grandmas, relaxing parents and everything in between can enjoy a floating trip on the Scheldt to the fullest. Several boats go out every day - make sure that you are on them! In Temse and Dendermonde, you can go into the water, after which you can explore the most beautiful corners and edges of the beautiful Scheldt.

You can pass the gigantic harbour cranes which lift containers full of global wares from the mastodons of the sea. You can marvel at the vast polders with a thousand shades of green. You can massage your mind with the sound of running water and screeching seagulls. And afterwards, you can pour all the beautiful memories into a glass, which you can then drink with relish in one of the nice cafés on Wilfordkaai. What are you waiting for?

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4.    With an open mouth on the ferry

You have the choice: either follow a hiking trail which requires you to hop frequently from one riverbank to another. Or you just line up in the queue for the ferry, get on and let yourself glide quietly across for free. Anything goes, but nothing is a must. The jetties of the Waasland ferries are scattered throughout the region. As such, you'll find them everywhere. Can you see one? Then press the bell, wait for the ferryman to sail in your direction, and sink quietly down onto one of the benches. Oh yes, your bike is welcome too!

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waasland_veer_tielrode 1.jpg

Smoothly through the Waasland region

Does your inner pirate call in your ear as annoyingly as ever? We have the solution for that in the Waasland region. Choose one of the 4 ways to discover the Waasland region from the water. Or combine them into one amazing water tour.