The 5 greenest cycling routes in the Waasland region

The 5 greenest cycling routes in the Waasland region

Cycling alongside the water, forests a nd moorland

Do you like having some greenery around you? Grab your bike and let yourself be surprised by the varied environment which the Waasland region has to offer. Water, forests and moorland, combined with a touch of history and culture. That's all you really need, isn't it?

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1. The Wase Kronkels Cycle Route

You start in the smallest village of the Waasland. Ever been to Daknam? The people of Daknam believe that Reynaert the fox wandered here, and you can still tell from the various monuments and café names. You can experience the silence of the Waasland region in the Daknamse Meersen and the Boudelo Foundation. Be sure to climb the 8-metre-high watchtower in this latter-mentioned quiet zone.You must also have seen Church and the Our Lady of the Cyclists cave, where hundreds of jerseys of cycling heroes hang on display.

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2. Cycling in the silence of Wase

The bicycle highway from Wachtebeke takes you to the Heidebos. This is where you absolutely must get off for a walk in the woods. Who knows, you might even run into Galloway cattle in the clearings. Once back on your bike, meander alongside the soothing waters of the Moervaart and finally experience the silence of the Boudelo Foundation. When you arrive in Eksaarde, you will be charmed by the tranquillity and the presence of a beautiful chapel containing a cross with a tale. The stately red beeches which surround the chapel are a nice taste of what awaits you here in the area.

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3. The Ooievaar (Stork) Cycle Route

De Buylaers, which is located near the Verloren Bos (lost forest) castle grounds, is a beautiful piece of nature right in the heart of Lokeren. A little further on you will enter the Molsbroek, the largest protected nature reserve in the region. Add to that the wooded moorland of Waasmunster, and the greenery along the Durme, and you have already discovered some of the most beautiful nature reserves in the area.

A former small port with an inn was renamed to Coal Pits. Time for a snack and a drink? You will have a phenomenal view of the Mira Bridge from this location. Do you enjoy the silence and tranquillity that accompanies water? The ferry along the way will gladly take you to the other side. Highly recommended for those who enjoy cycling in nature!

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4. Cycling along the line

On the Line Cycle Route, you will pedal through 400 years of history, past the States-Spanish Lines and the remnants of forts. You start at KLINGSPOOR, an interactive exploration of smugglers, forests, railways and the clog industry. The lines of defence erected by the Spanish troops are scattered in the landscape, think of Fort Bedmar and the Koningsdijk. But the masterpieces of nature are also featured. Just consider the Panneweel nature reserve in the Saleghem Creeks area. Water features, reeds, hooting birds. What more could you want?

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5. Cycling along mudflats and salt marshes

Mudflats are areas which thrive on the rhythm of the tides. Salt marshes look somewhat like mudflats, but are only inundated during the spring tides. Your tour will lead you right through the potpolder of Tieldrodebroek, but you will also encounter the Schouselbroek on your way. Expect to see vast green areas and swampy landscapes. Along the way, you'll pick up the exhibition about the life of a famous cartographer. You should definitely take a break and climb up the  Graventoren (count tower) at least once. nearby you will also find Mercator's hometown, the largest flood plain in Flanders. Stop here, walk along the marked trails, spot birds, and marvel at the spectacle of mudflats and salt marshes.

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