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Absolute silence around you, sporadically interrupted by the burner. Magnificent views of towns, villages and nature. Is there anything more beautiful and calming than a balloon ride?

Are you a morning or evening person?                                                                                                                  

Are you curious about what the world looks like from a wicker basket at high altitude? You must experience a balloon ride at least once in your life, and preferably in the Waasland region. You feel as free as a bird in the air while, below you, one of the most beautiful regions of the country passes by. Choose a morning flight, sailing into the sunrise? Or would you rather go for an evening flight, with the most beautiful sunset ever?

Waasland - Balonnen in de lucht

The Waasland from the air

Ballooning in the Waasland region is extra rewarding because of the alternation between town and country. For example, you will get a breathtaking view of the balloon city, Sint-Niklaas, but you will also sail over the beautiful polders, the Drowned Land of Saeftinghe, the Molsbroek nature reserve and the woods of Stekene. In the distance you can see Antwerp, Ghent and, if you're lucky, even the Atomium in Brussels.

Let yourself be pampered

The fact that you are so high in the air while everything is silent, makes a balloon ride a unique experience. What more could you wish for? A lot of firms provide perks like a glass of bubbly at the landing site or all kinds of VIP packages. Do you want to organise a team building exercise with your company, a romantic getaway for two, or take off at a special location? You ask, they'll come running! This makes an unforgettable experience even more special.

Waasland - Sint-Niklaas - stadsballon
People in a balloon basket

The balloon city: Sint-Niklaas

If you opt for a Waasland trip up in the air, you get to see the whole area. After all, Sint-Niklaas, pearl of the Waasland region, is the ballooning city of Belgium. During the Peace Festivities, dozens of balloons take off on the Grote Markt in Sint-Niklaas. The Sint-Niklaas balloon event is among the five most important in the world. The fact that the balloons take off in the centre of a city is unique anywhere in the world.

Sint-Niklaas can also rightly call itself a ballooning pioneer. The first balloon stunt in the city took place on 17 April 1784, less than a year after the Montgolfier brothers' first flight experiment! In more recent history, there is Wim Verstraeten, known for his attempts to be the first to travel by balloon non-stop around the world on the Breitling Orbiter. In 1990, he was the first ever to fly over Kilimanjaro in a balloon. And the first woman to fly a balloon across the Channel came from Sint-Niklaas as well. In 1986, the then 53-year-old Jacqueline Sax made it into the Guinness Book of Records with that stellar performance.


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Are you looking for an original gift or a unique experience to remember? Have you always wondered how beautiful the Waasland looks from up high? Then sail along with the wind in a balloon, facing the sun. These companies offer balloon rides in the Waasland area: