Go on a castle tour in the Waasland region

Go on a castle tour in the Waasland region

Discover 5 castles

Whether you want to roleplay with your partner or are simply fascinated by the nobility and their buildings, castles are always fun. We selected the 5 castles in the Waasland region which you should definitely not miss.


Cortewalle Castle

There are plenty of moated castles in the Waasland region. And Cortewalle Castle is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful. Not in the least because of the surrounding park, 10 acres of natural beauty. Constructed in the 15th century, the castle has regularly been renovated and adapted - most recently in 2008. If your armour starts to weigh a little heavy, just visit the orangerie, which nowadays serves as a tavern and restaurant.

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Wissekerke Castle

Bazel is home to Wissekerke Castle, a fixture in the region since the 10th century. We won't bore you with the specific architectural styles and rollercoaster of ownership changes over the centuries - you'll have to discover that on the spot. What you should definitely have seen are the beautiful gatehouse, the empire-style salon and the suspension bridge. Really, a suspension bridge!

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Waasland_Hof ter Saksen_Beveren.png

Hof ter Saksen

Why does Beveren have so many beautiful castles? You will also find Hof ter Saksen in this municipality. A public educational nature park (yes!) with a phenomenal castle at its centre, a refined orangerie and an authentic farmhouse. Not only are the buildings worth seeing, there is also a lot to see underground. For example, the ice cellars - the forerunner of your current refrigerator - are worth your visit.

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Walburg Castle

Times are changing. And castles are changing with them. What was once built as a castle for the knight Willem van Waelwijck, nowadays serves as a hip meet & eat. Planted in a beautiful green oasis - Romain De Vidtspark - the place serve phenomenal dishes on a bed of historic class. Don’t miss out!

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Hof ter Welle

Hof ter Welle Castle has changed its noble owners over the centuries like the average citizen changes their underwear. We will spare you the list, but there were many. The result is a beautiful castle with an incredibly diverse history. Today, it is a protected monument and furnished as a base for the heritage activities of the municipality of Beveren - Beveren again!

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