How to get there

How to get there

The smoothest options to the Waasland

The Waasland lies in central Flanders between the cultural hubs of Antwerp and Ghent, and close to the border with the Netherlands. Brussels, Bruges and the Belgian coastline are all just an hour's drive away. Connections to international train stations and airports are also readily available.

Close to everything

The south of the Waasland is barely 10 kilometres from Ghent, and the north 6 kilometres from Antwerp. Bruges and Brussels are 50 kilometres away, while Rotterdam is 'far' away at 100 kilometres, with Lille and Eindhoven 80 kilometres. Towns and cities of the Waasland such as Sint-Niklaas, Beveren and Lokeren are busy hubs for train and bus traffic. The E17 and E34 motorways traverse the Waasland region and the E40 is close by. You can find the quickest and shortest routes (also by public transport) using Google Maps, among other services.

Airports and high-speed trains

Brussels Midi is Belgium's hub where international high-speed trains arrive from (among others) London, Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Lille, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Cologne, Aachen, and Berlin. From Brussels Midi, there are direct train connections to the Waasland region.

A number of airports are 50 minutes to 1.45 hours from Waasland, all with particularly good connections by road or public transport:

Public transport

The Waasland region has direct train connections with all major surrounding cities: Ghent, Antwerp, Brussels, Zaventem, Bruges, Ostend, Kortrijk, Liège, among others. Most journeys are less than one hour. Tickets and timetables are available at If you are travelling from abroad, order your international train tickets at

You can take the bus to your final destination from stations in the Waasland. Many places in the Waasland also have direct bus connections to cities such as Ghent and Antwerp. Tickets and timetables are available at Plan your route with

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(Electric) bikes for hire are available in larger train stations in Belgium under the Blue Bike brand. Bikes are also available to hire in many cities. If you want the most environmentally conscious travel option, you can choose one of the two bicycle highways leading to the Waasland region: the F411 Zelzate-Antwerp (parallel to the E34) and the F4 Ghent-Antwerp (parallel to the E17).

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The easiest AND the most fun way to get from Antwerp to Waasland (Zwijndrecht, Kalloo, Lille, Liefkenshoek, Kruibeke, and more)? That'll be DeWaterbus. The boat comes by every 30 minutes and the trip alone is a pleasant outing.

Getting around in the Waasland itself

There are also many (sustainable) means of transport within the Waasland region. Discover them here.