The Polders of Kruibeke

The largest flood plain in Flanders

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9150 Bazel

The Polders of Kruibeke form the largest flood plain in Flanders. And yet the plain only floods a couple of times a year.

When the water recedes, a world of natural beauty opens up. With mudflats and salt marshes, alder thickets, thousands of meadows and waterfowl. Spot unique animals like deer, beavers and, if you're lucky, even otters. Discover a cycling and walking paradise where you can enjoy the whole day together.


Waterfalls? In Kruibeke?

You may already have heard of the Sigma Plan. This ingenious plan creates flood plains along the Scheldt River in order to safeguard inhabited areas from flooding. When the river water levels go up, the floodgates of the overflow and open up. That results in beautiful scenes with real waterfalls, which lead huge amounts of water towards the nature reserve. When the water recedes, mudflats and salt marshes remain. Here nature thrives and unfolds amazing landscapes with fertile vegetation and animal inhabitants.

The Polders are no less than 600 hectares in size! Therefore, you have to add some kilometres to your planning to truly discover the whole area. Fortunately, there are a number of shortcuts which offer you the with the brightest corners on a silver platter.

Join a roe deer - and other tips

Are you planning on visiting the polders? Then it's best to do it with a little help. Wandering around aimlessly is possible, but who knows, you might just miss the best spots! Fortunately, then, there is Xavier de roe deer. He is available on your phone during the whole trip and will give you insights into the fauna and flora of the polder area from the app. You will also find some small pillars here and there. You can scan them for Xavier to share his infinite wisdom with you, just like that. Fantastic!

There are a number of sights which you should definitely not miss here. Our recommendation: the Beverpad (Beaver path) which leads you for 1.2 kilometres along the Rupelmond Creek. The Waterfalls of Kruibeke, a whimsical structure with graffiti along which the water rushes into the area at high tide. Also not to be missed: art! For example, you will find artworks such as Arcade (on the ring dyke in Bazel) and the Cosmogolem by Koen van Mechelen on the Scheldelei in Kruibeke

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Wander through the polder

Don't worry, the polders may be particularly vast, but we won't leave you to your own devices if you want to explore them.

There are no fewer than 4 bicycle routes which cut through this area. If you want to follow the signposts on your journey through the Kruibeke Polders, you will have plenty of options. You can select one of these cycling or walking routes and get to know the polders a little better.

The Rupelmond Creek hiking trail will lead you from Rupelmonde to the Polders of Kruibeke. You will step right through the flat nature for 8 kilometres. Another option: the Barbierbeek hiking trail, which you start in Kruibeke. This route explores the northern part of the polders, where every daythe water reclaims its place on the land-and then neatly releases it

Another option: the Kruibeke Creek hiking trail. Start in Bazel and explore the vast polder area from start to finish. If you prefer to explore the world on two wheels, the Go with the Flow bicycle route is a must. This route passes through the Polders of Kruibeke, but also leads to Oudbroekpolder and Schellandpolder.

Enjoy the neighbourhood

If after all that hiking and biking you crave a dash of nature on your plate, you can visit the local restaurants. In Bazel, you will find a variety of venues to suit everyone's budget.

You can also go straight to bed with a full stomach! Book a room at B&B Baz, with its stylish interior. Or choose the vacation home, De Gulden Sleutels (The Golden Keys), in Bazel, where you will have an entire house at your disposal in the centre of the village. Ideal for a trip with the whole family or a group of friends.

Ready to discover the Polders of Kruibeke? Choose for yourself how you want to explore this fascinating area. See you soon!