The Verbeke Foundation

An artistic ode to folly, creativity and surreal appearances

9190 Kemzeke
+32 3 789 22 07

Trains can't run without sleepers, people sometimes say. If that were true, a train terminal would have been built in the Verbeke Foundation a long time ago. Because the works which have put down here - sometimes world-famous - creative sleepers give you a whole new perspective onto reality.

Be charmed, bombarded out of your comfort zone, stimulated, challenged, and tossed back and forth between beauty and provocation - all in one afternoon! The Verbeke Foundation: unique in the world, located in the Waasland, of course.

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The Verbeke Foundation: what is it really?

The Verbeke Foundation is the brainchild of the art collectors Geert Verbeke and Carla Verbeke-Lens. This private art site houses a magnificent collection of modern and contemporary artworks scattered throughout the landscape. As if a bomb of creativity had exploded here and the shards revealed themselves as masterfully idiosyncratic art.

In a nutshell, you can get lost in 12 hectares of nature reserve and discover a total of 20,000 square metres of covered pavilions. This sanctuary is a place of inimitable beauty, where not only the works of established artists are shown to their best advantage. A promising generation of young wolves is also given every opportunity here. Welcome to one of the largest private contemporary art initiatives in Europe

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Art on the fringes of the E34

When you fly over the E34 from Antwerp towards the coast, you will experience a solid WTF moment at the Kemzeke exit. Stray elephants, an imposing McDonalds pillar and an abandoned train car adorn the roadside, as if it were a mythical gateway to a forbidden Disneyland for adults.

In the Verbeke Foundation you will experience a mix of headstrong art and more accessible works. You can admire more than 6,000 collages and assemblages, creations by bio-artists and impressive installations. At that one moment you will feel small and insignificant. A little later you will feel like starting a revolution again. After which you will again be gently touched by a tender sensation in the region of your heart. One thing is certain: a visit to the Verbeke Foundation will not leave your mind unmoved.

As steadfast as liquid

The collection of the foundation is always evolving. It is growing every day and spreading more and more throughout the grounds and covered sheds. The permanent collection here effortlessly withstands the test of time. While ever-changing exhibitions follow one another and artists work on their new masterpieces here in residence.

The Verbeke Foundation is as steadfast as it is fluid. And knows how to grab you by the scruff of the neck and surprise you with every visit.

Verbeke Foundation in Stekene (Waasland)
Verbeke Foundation in Stekene (Waasland)

A museum/no museum

Yes, the Verbeke Foundation is a museum. But it is also a nature park. Yes, there is a buzz of noisy creativity here. But there is also absolute peace and quiet. It is a vessel full of contradictions, which once erupted and sprayed its confusion across the landscape.

Yes, you can visit the Verbeke Foundation as an individual. But there is also much more to do here - from guided tours to interactive workshops. Thematic activities which emphasise art experiences in nature. And team building experiences and events for companies and organisations of all kinds.

Plan your visit

Visit the Verbeke Foundation You can't help but stare your eyes out. Get lost in the immense domain and in the spirit of established names and exciting new artists. Do it quickly, if only to ensure that your mind never sleeps. This place is fuel for your soul, that fickle ignition engine of human existence.

Plan your visit yourself. You can find all the information on the foundation's website.