Tips for travellers with disabilities

Tips for travellers with disabilities

Accessible lodging tips and activities in the Waasland area

VISITFLANDERS works with two labels to designate accessible vacation rentals, information offices and visitor centres. Buildings labeled A+ are comfortable and independently accessible to persons with limited mobility.

Buildings labeled A offer basic accessibility for people with reduced mobility. Occasionally, extra effort or a helper may be needed. A tip: be sure to check why the building did not score an A+.

The Flemish accessible tourism label provides an important first impression, but it doesn't tell all. If you want to know more about the accessibility of a building or domain, you can find more information on the VISITFLANDERS website or consult the detailed report on Accessible Flanders.

Toerisme Oost-Vlaanderen has also launched 17 Rap op Stap offices with a plus. These low-threshold travel agencies for people with disabilities (in addition to those with a limited budget). A Rap op Stap office with a plus therefore bundles information regarding tourist excursions, as well as sports and cultural activities which are also accessible to people with disabilities. You can find offices like these in the Waasland as well.


View the farmstead here


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Een standbeeld van Reynaert de Vos in Lochristi in het Waasland
Een standbeeld van Reynaert de Vos in Stekene in het Waasland

Reinaert road trip (160km)

Fully signposted

The medieval animal epic Van den vos Reynaerde (Of Reynaert the Fox) is one of the highlights of Belgian literature. The story is set in the Waasland and a part of Zeelandic Flanders, and you can tell by the many statues and resting benches referring to the sly fox.

You can start them from Sint-Niklaas (Markt), Lokeren (Markt/Prinses Josephine Charlottepark), Lochristi (Dorp Oost) and Rupelmonde (centre/Kloosterstraat).

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All the screening information for the stops can be found on the accessible Flanders website (Dutch only).


Rent a pato, which is a tandem recumbent bike upon which a wheelchair can be mounted, or a four-wheeled cycle. Or book a ride through the polders with your friends on the silent tram. And then there are crazy bike models. Check it out soon!



People with autism can use a visual road map to prepare their visit to the site, allowing them to go on an outing or vacation with less worry. For each location, a detailed description of the activities as well as any lodging options are provided.

Check out the different road maps:


All the facilities at the Lavendula Bathhouse are accessible to people using wheelchairs. In the pergola, there is also a hoist to lower you down onto the daybed. Be sure to contact us in order to learn more about the facilities and benefits available.