Waasland, a link between nature reserves

Waasland, a link between nature reserves

Discover 5 nature reserves

Do you get completely fed up with the daily invasion of the GPS's, Google Maps and Wazes of this world sometimes? With that annoying bleeping and fussing, those pop-up messages and the need to always take the shortest routes between A and B and so on. Sometimes, life should just be: getting lost.

A bit of strolling, a bit of doing nothing. Take a deep breath and shove your mobile phone even deeper into your pocket. Can't be reached, not available.

Middle finger to the crowds!

Tell the crowds to go away. The only notification which you get here, is one from your fully soothed mind. It pops up out of nowhere and sends you in the direction of yet another detour. Not because you have to, but because you can. And because it is simply a sheer pleasure.

Ready to experience the most beautiful nature reserves of the Waasland region? Then check out our top 5 and put on your rubber boots!

The 5 most beautiful nature reserves in the Waasland

From Sint-Niklaas to Meerdonk, from Steendorp to Beveren: the entire Waasland region is full of amazing nature reserves which sparkle like dewdrops in the region.

You don't just hike through forests and alongside ponds. You can also take a step into history, human progress and stories which show the power of water. That way, during all that relaxing, you can learn something too. Ready to discover the most beautiful natural areas which the Waasland region has to offer? Here we go!

1. The Boudelo Foundation

Once, a stately abbey stood here, but today, nothing remains of it. And fortunately so, we would almost dare to say. For the nature which replaced that medieval architecture is, if anything, even more monumental.

Just south of the Stekene Canal, fans out a nature reserve which is a succession of graceful pools, vast hayfields and oxygen-rich forests. It's best not to say that too loudly, because the Boudelo Foundation is an area of true silence. Ideal for silencing the little voices in your head ("You still have to do this, you still have to do that") for a few hours.

Discover the Boudelo Foundation  

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2. The Saleghem Creeks

It sounds like a pre-war witches' novel, but in reality, the Saleghem Creeks are an enchanting creek area full of idyllic pools, wide-stretching grasslands and blissful tranquillity.

The Panneweel nature reserve in Meerdonk, where you find the creek area, is a wickerwork of water and meadow. Among other things, you can admire the Great Saleghem Gully, the St. Jacob's Hole, the Kieldrecht Waterway and the Great Geule. Each one of them is beautiful bodies of water along which you can wander for hours, with no one but the waterfowl for company. Sheer enjoyment!

Discover the Saleghem Creeks  

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3. The Groot Saeftinghe border park

Trees grow so large here, they look like harbour cranes. And swans and ducks the size of an average intercontinental cargo ship swim. Or wait a minute, those are harbour cranes and cargo ships! In the Groot Saeftinghe border park, we therefore throw nature and industry into the mix and shake it up into a fascinating one-two punch between man and the environment.

You will discover a flooded village, a somewhat modernist radar tower upon which you can just climb and views of the harbour you would othernice never get a chance to see. And all this while at your back, the polders roll out like a grassy green blanket. Fantastic!

Discover the Border Park  


4. Schouselbroek

A marshy area can be found in Steendorp. Feel free to go there, we're sure it will be much to your liking. Schouselbroek is a colourful collection of natural beauty, with songbirds flitting around your ears non-stop and charming landscapes which seem to have been plucked straight from a master-class film.

There are 145 acres of marshy area waiting for you, full of protected plants and fascinating creatures. This polder area is more than worth your visit, you can also enjoy walking on the marked trails.

Learn more about Schouselbroek and Tielrodebroek  


5. The Stone Layer

Where once with diligent working clay was extracted from the soil for the neighbouring brickyards, today you find vast pools teeming with waterfowl. You will find it a stone's throw from the centre of Stekene. Step off the footpath, admire the magisterial panoramas, delve into the information boards and rest on a bench. That's all it takes sometimes, right? Before you leave, be sure to say hello from us to the crested ducks, shovellers, mallards and other ducks!

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The most beautiful nature reserves of the Waasland

So, which natural area will you explore first? Make your selection and come round soon. We are waiting for you in the most beautiful corners of the Waasland region!